Mountek CD Slot Mount MT5000-C ***NOW WITH REVIEW & PHOTO*** February 2012

Post date: May 29, 2015 3:50:14 AM

Mountek CD Slot Mount MT5000-C ***NOW WITH REVIEW & PHOTO*** February 2012

By Chris Fa

Ordered this mount for my wife's car, I use a ProClip unit in my car, seems to work pretty well for what it is. Mountek has them available on Amazon every weekday at 07:00 PST, I ordered mine at 08:15 PST and there were only eight left. I paid $23.90 shipped (USPS first class). I am hoping that it will fit my HTC (with extended battery) as well as my wife's OG Droid. I am not too worried about blocking any radio controls while in use because they are all mirrored on the steering wheel. She was pretty adamant about having something that was removable, and I can't stand the windshield mounts that are available.

(Here is the video from their site)

Here is the box from USPS, shipped received about a week after ordering. Included was the mount, a piece of adhesive foam, and small instruction sheet.

The mount seems to be built fairly well

This tabbed area inserts into the compact disc slot, then the knob is twisted to expand until "firm" The tabs are soft, so no marring the CD slot.

Here is the adhesive pad. DON"T USE IT WITH THE EXTENDED BATTERY The bottom rest is removable to work with a variety of electronics.

Here is my OG Droid mounted, and then the Vigor with the standard battery.

Here is the side profile with the standard battery cover. As a refresher here is the difference between the standard and extended battery covers...

Here is the mount without the bottom plate, holding the Vigor with the extended battery cover.

Here is me shaking it, with the extended battery, no problems with is falling out. Here is a top down view of the foam sides holding the Vigor.

I don't have my wife's car right now, but here is the mount in my Civic (06-11)...

To those unfamiliar, the Civic had a cd slot that is at a angle, here is with the mount installed.

Now with the Vigor installed (with extended battery) portrait and landscape.

Overall I think it is going to work well. I will update this review if I have any issues...

***Update 02-24-2011***

Works well in my wife's Subaru, does not block any of the display. No issues with the Vigor (Rezound) falling out with the extended battery, the foam on the sides works well to keep it in place.