Land Rover Owner International Magazine, May 2016 Issue

Land Rover Owner International Magazine, May 2016 Issue

Recommends the Mountek AIRSNAP!

"Verdict: Firm, practical and discreet - the perfect dashboard mount."

"After testing a few dashboard holders for smartphones, this is by far the best one. It’s also small enough to keep in my jacket when I need to take it with me – for fitting into a hire car, say. Strongly clipped to the air vents – vertical or horizontal – it holds the phone or phablet very firmly."

- Jerome Andre, Europe Editor

Review: Mountek nGroove Snap+ (CD Slot Car Mount)

Posted by: colin | on May 3, 2015

Before I purchase the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount, I always wonder how many people really make use of the CD player in the car nowadays. There are many different shapes and sizes of car mounts that I have used previously but none is to my liking. Those that are mounted to the windscreen or dashboards would leave permanent markings after prolong usage, and those that are mounted at the air-con vent would block the cool air reaching me. This is going to be a simple and straightforward review as there is no technical specification involved. Either you like it or you don’t.

The Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount, as its name says so, is one that is attached onto the car CD player slot. You can then tighten it accordingly using the screw attached. It leaves no residue behind even after a long period of usage, especially if you were to park your car under the hot sun frequently. Placing and removing your devices from the Mountek Snap+ Mount is easy and quick as it makes use of magnets to hold your device to the mount. No additional effort is required!

You can place your device to your line of view simply by adjusting the ball head of the mount. According to Mountek, the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount is able to hold devices up to the size of an iPhone 6+ or a Nexus 7. Personally, I have only placed my mobile phone (iPhone 5S and LG Optimus F5) on it. The magnet is strong enough to hold the phone sturdily in place even when driving across humps and uneven terrains.

The packaging is minimalist and eco-friendly. Inside the box, you will find the Mountek Snap+ Mount and 2 magnets. The magnets are pasted with 3M tapes, so it is convenient if you want to paste the magnet to your device. For me, I placed the magnets inside the case of my phones instead. The magnetic fields is able to penetrate through the case and hold my phone firmly to the mount. In summary, I am pleased with the Mountek nGroove Snap+ Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount!


April 2015

Review Mountek nGroove Grip - : Hands free mobile mount for CD slots

by Annie T - March 2015

Nowadays many of us do not utilise the CD slots in our cars, instead we play music from our phone or USB drive. At the same time, we will wonder how we could mount our phone around the dashboard.

I find this mobile mount from Mountek very useful to resolve your headache of finding a right place for your phone, at the meantime making use of your CD slots.

You can purchase this item from, or from it’s website at at RM85 (online promo). The box come with the hands free mount, 2 device rest replacements and a brief guide. It’s easy to mount and use. What I love most is it’s mounted in front of my air-cond which can cool down my phone when I operate the GPS.

Enjoy your freedom!

Review nGroove Snap 2

By Eddie Rush April 2015 -

Universal - Firmly and safely mounts cell phones, GPS units, satellite radios, MP3 players, mini tablets and other high-tech devices, including iPhone 4/5/5C/5S, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S Series, Note, HTC, Motorola, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia .

Protect and display your mobile phone, GPS, tablet and other digital devices with a patented, adjustable magnetic mount that locks into CD slots and dashboard grooves for a firm, flexible hold and seamless “floating” appearance in cars, boats, planes or anywhere you need your device. Safety and beauty, combined .

The Mountek designed the blade is such that it does not go far enough into your CD slot to activate the CD player mechanism, so that means you can still have a CD in your player while the mount is installed.

Comes already assembled and ready to use with a strong, sturdy grip thanks to rubber-reinforced insertion blade. Super-tight but simple blade system involves just a thumbscrew and tightening wheel.

Push to the Right to get comfortable view on maps or push to flat view on my favourite spotify music play and HD srceen Youtube video..awesome!!

The Mountek nGroove Snap comes with a 360-degree swivel. Mount your device vertically or horizontally, depending on preference, and then adjust the display angle for optimal viewing. The ball hinge permits viewing angle adjustments from all directions: up, down, diagonal, and side-to-side. Effortlessly switch your cell phone or device from landscape to portrait mode without taking your eyes off the road. Even while docked, the nGroove Snap allows clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation up to 360 degrees.

Easy Installation - Insert directly into a front-loading CD player slot and still easily control your device from the driver"s seat. Or insert into a dashboard groove to keep your CD player accessible. No suction cups, no clips, no screw, no glue

Flexible - Sophisticated ball joint adapter allows for fine-tuning your display angle for maximum viewing comfort while driving

Multi-Use - Functions as a Desktop Stand, Connects to tripods and Clips to Laptop monitors if desired. Simply invert the nGroove Snap blades for clip capability .

nGroove Snap comes with 2 low profile metal badges with removable, non-permanent adhesive backing for your device.The low profile badge is what snaps to the magnet on the nGroove Snap.

If your phone has a case, the badge is thin enough to stick it to the inside of the case for a completely invisible look.

Magnetic reinforcement keeps your smartphone or GPS device safely mounted when driving, but still offers a simple release should you need to grab-and-go. No extra force is necessary to remove your device from the nGroove Snap magnet badge—just reach and grab, and you’re on your way. *Safety starts with you!

1 thicker badge (about 0.5mm), and 1 thinner badge (about 0.25mm). The thicker badge provides stronger holding strength. Please note that for small tablets, you should use the thicker badge.

Steady enough to withstand the rockiest of roads. It uses rare earth magnets to secure your mobile devices via a very thin metal badge attached to your devices.


March 2015


January 2015

The Mountek nGroove is the perfect solution to placing your devices in reach while driving.

Typically car mounts for phones and GPS units come in three flavors: windshield suction cup, dashboard anti-slide pad, and air vent mounts. With all of these options for something seemingly mundane, none of them work as well as they should.

Windshield suction cup mounts come standard with many GPS units, but on many cars, this positions the unit at an awkward distance. In some states, it’s even illegal to put mounts on the windshield. Sun also has an effect on the suction ability – I’m frequently picking my GPS unit off of the floor while speeding down the highway on a hot day.

Anti-slide pads for dashboards work if you have an appropriately flat dash at a reasonable distance away, but even then, it doesn’t handle the pressure as well as other mounts when trying to input information into the device.

Air vent mounts block a whole vent from hitting the passengers, and many vehicles have flimsy vent dividers.

Mountek has attacked these issues head on with the nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount. This expandable mount slides less than a half inch into any CD slot and stays positioned firmly. Once in place, the nGroove has a positionable head, and takes push button pressure solidly. The slots on the end are big enough that I can slide my phone charger in too.

I opted for this mount based on a recommendation from a friend who has had one for a few years. When I looked it up on Amazon it had over 800 reviews with a 4.5 star average. Good enough for me!

My immediate reaction was, “Will it hurt the CD player?” It doesn’t, and I haven’t found a mention of it being an issue in all of the Amazon reviews. It doesn’t even effect CD player functionality.

The plastic blade that slides into the CD player is split. When the nut is tightened, part of the blade is pushed up, created a snug, solid fit.

The nGroove requires no glue, suction cups, or clips but the best part is its versatility One mount for all your car devices, whether you use your phone as a music source or GPS, or if you have a dedicated GPS unit, the nGroove expands and tightens to hug the device securely in place. It can also be placed both ways vertically, accommodating cars that have buttons or gauges above or below the mount that need to be accessible.


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