Product - nGroove nG6000g (Garmin)

nGroove nG6000g (Garmin®)

- For Garmin nuvi® and StreetPilot® GPS

The nGroove nG6000G (Garmin®) by Mountek is a revolutionary mount for Garmin nuvi® and StreetPilot® GPS devices. Its unique design places your Garmin GPS at the center of your dashboard where you can easily and comfortably see and reach it while driving - right in your CD slot or suitable seams of your car dashboard. It's 17mm attachment ball is compatible with the bracket cum charger joints of Garmin nuvi® and StreetPilot® GPS devices. The effect is a beautiful, seamless, invisible mount that makes your GPS look like it's part of your car dashboard.

*Please note that Garmin bracket is NOT INCLUDED. nGroove Garmin attaches to the original Garmin bracket.

nGroove Garmin uses the patented design nGroove microblade which is small enough to fit into the slot of your CD player, narrow enough to hide behind your GPS, and sturdy enough to withstand the rockiest of roads.

The way Mountek designed the blade is such that it does not go far enough into your CD slot to activate the CD player mechanism, so that means you can still have a CD in your player while the mount is installed.

nGroove Garmin's features:-

  • 17mm ball pattern, compatible with most Garmin nuvi® and StreetPilot® GPS devices.
  • Inserts into front loading CD player slot, where device controls are easily accessible by the driver.
    • Flexible 3600 Swivel - Easily adjust your device while driving. nGroove’s 17mm ball joint allows mounting in any direction – vertically, horizontally, clockwise, counter-clockwise, landscape or portrait mode – all while your device is still docked.
  • Also features detachable center nGroove blade for wedging into the tightest seams/crevices of your car dashboard.
  • Requires NO suction cups, NO clips, NO screws, NO adhesives or glue.
  • Made in the USA.

Please note that Garmin nuvi® and StreetPilot® are trademarks of Garmin Ltd, USA. Mountek products are not in any manner recommended by or associated with Garmin Ltd.