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nGroove Grip


For mobile phones, GPS and other small mobile devices.

nGroove Snap

Promo Price - RM115

(N.P - RM125)

For small tablets up to 8" (such as iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 3, Asus FonePad/MemoPad, etc), mobile phones, GPS and other small mobile devices.

nGroove ng6000g (Garmin)


For Garmin Nuvi and StreetPilot GPS.

nGroove Snap

nGroove Snap

nGroove Snap

nGroove Grip

nGroove ng6000g (Garmin)

Mountek had worked for years to make a mount without any visible or permanent braces, brackets, or clips. The result is a patented design called nGroove which is a microblade that is small enough to fit into the slot of your CD player or seams of your dashboard, narrow enough to hide behind your tablets or phone, and sturdy enough to withstand the rockiest of roads.

Mountek designed the blade such that it does not go far enough into your CD slot to activate the CD player mechanism, so that means you can still have a CD in your player while the mount is installed.

Its unique design places your phone at the center of your dashboard where you can easily and comfortably see it while driving - right in your CD slot or any suitable seams around your dashboard. The design is so cool, that the effect is a beautiful, seamless, invisible mount that makes your device looks like it's "floating." Now your mobile devices will look like it's part of your car.

Best part, it won't obstruct your view of the road. It looks good and your attached tablets/phones/GPS looks like its part of the car dashboard. Also provides more privacy as compared to conventional tablets/phones/GPS holders which are attached to the windscreen.

NO more unsightly mount blocking your view!

NO more mount blocking the air-conditioning air!

NO more vibrating or dropping phone/GPS mounts!

Fits all mobile phones & GPS, including larger screen phones such as Samsung Note 3, and Sony Xperia Z.



nGroove - Its More than a Car Mount !


Mount position at narrow dashboard seams.

As a Desktop Stand.

Desktop Stand.

Mount to Tripods.

Mount to Tripods.

This product is original quality designed and manufactured by Mountek USA. NOT cheap & inferior imitation products from China.

Mountek nGroove CD Slot Blade design is patented by USPTO under US Patent ID. 8,505,795.

Patent pending overseas.

Mountek Inc. was founded in 2004 with the objective of creating better ways to mount hand- held devices in the car.

It's based in Livermore California, USA.



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