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Customer's feedbacks from Lowyat.Net:-

(WildChai @ Oct 23 2015, 09:57 AM)

It fits perfectly, the rubber coating on the snap+ has better grip and sits firmly in the CD slot, with my Note4 it didn't even budge one bit. Extremely satisfied with the product and after sales service.

(Mansamune @ Oct 20 2015, 11:22 PM)

Excellent seller and product. Received my nGroove Snap3 1 day after it was shipped via Pos Laju.

Product is of high quality and very sturdy! Definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good quality, discreet mount for their phone/tablet.

(Wan @ Sep 4 2015, 12:30 AM)

Bought this Snap 3 last few weeks. It's excellent. Doesn't take much effort to put/pull the phone from it. When align correctly with the metal plate(put it inside my casing), the magnet is strong enough to hold onto my OnePlus One with Diztronic casing, which is a bit slippery to hold for most people. Very happy with it. Used to own the nGroove Grip. Gave that to my dad. Both products are excellent.

(usheruff91 @ Aug 12 2015, 12:26 PM)

Received my nGroove Grip today, good item + fast respond seller, complete payment process within 10 mins.

(cybpsych @ Aug 7 2015, 10:50 PM)

Gotten nGroove Snap3 today via poslaju.

Ordered 5-Aug, shipped 6-Aug, received today on 7-Aug.

Nice simple design. much much smaller than i anticipated.

Quite strong magnet plates (insert the smaller plate inside the phone). still hold strong to the phone.

(excel_saga @ Aug 7 2015, 06:35 PM)

I just receive the nGroove Snap 3 today via poslaju. Yesterday order today get. Item receive in good condition. Works great with my one plus one and also ipad mini. Great and reliable seller!

(ae8za @ May 8 2015, 01:30 AM)

Fully recommended seller here! Received item via Pos Laju in less than 24 hours to KK, Sabah.

Do buy with confidence!

(Xccess @ Apr 25 2015, 10:53 AM)

Excellent product, highly recommend. Fast delivery and MOUNTEK is the best holder as compared to those I've used before. :thumbs up

((O_O) @ Apr 14 2015, 10:59 AM)

Items received.Fast and reliable.

(zainalfared @ Apr 6 2015, 05:07 PM)

Received my second Mountek Snap last week. Thumbs up for a great seller. Cheers!

(kayuria @ Mar 19 2015, 04:16 PM)

Great product. Recommended Seller with super class service

(Ivan @ Mar 19 2015, 05:18 PM)

Very helpful seller. Fast delivery. Recommended!

Bought 1 for my vios using a Kenwood double-deck car audio, then bought another for my wife's Mirage using stock audio player. Both fit nicely!

(alifsaduri @ Mar 7 2015, 12:31 AM)

Good product.good service without need any follow up!

(mzul787 @ Mar 6 2015, 03:25 PM)

Hi already received the items. Recommended seller. Yesterday bank in and today got the items.

user posted image

(Thalmes @ Feb 3 2015, 11:55 PM)

Received the item in good condition. Really speedy delivery as well. Mount works perfectly right out of the box and it does hold the device very well. Loving it! Thanks!

resetlight 30/12/14 ( -

bought mountek ngroove snap 2.... its cool...

tro11 26/11/14 ( -

Item received. Works great. Best mount I've used so far. Very seamless look and magnet works really well through my case. Great service from seller!

XiuKeong 26/11/14 ( -

Bought nGroove Snap from seller and the quality exceed my expectation. Very steady after installation and didn't block any view :)

jh2011 28/10/14 ( -

item received ! super fast , thumbs up !!

yibaandre 28/9/14 ( -

receive item 2-3 days ago. good product, great seller

madman20 1/8/14 ( -

Seller was very prompt to reply my email and immediately on the day I did my transfer..he has already sent out the goods...I received my nGroove Grip the following day

Here's a photo of it in my car..Satria Neo..already changed my head unit though..but really worth the money

Nurfadzly 29/7/14 ( -

Received the item few days ago.. far better than the suction or clip type.

Thanks seller for fast response!

cdkantoi 22/6/14 ( -

received mine .. work perfectly, bought a second unit.. thanks

Izzat 23/7/14 ( -

Received the item in good shape today.. thx to seller for fast response. fit for my new city


Wui Siong (silfer) 17/4/14 ( -

"Seller is fast and prompt. Item is delivered and reached doorstep within 2 days.

nGroove snap is sturdy and when I attached it to the cd slot (which took me 5 minutes to figure out how, you just have to make the screw is at the top and turn clockwise so that the grip is extended up and down, therefore increasing its "mouth") and it was sturdy and able to mount there perfectly. My nokia Lumia 1520 was able to mount perfectly without any problem like falling off.

All in all, good seller and good item. Recommended."

Eric (jychow) 1/4/14 ( -

"Thanks, CarMount. Already received the mount and affixed to my Inspira. Looks great and works great. The plastic component looks tough, and solid, unlike the cheaper car mount sold in other places. I believe this unit will be very durable over a long period of usage. It is sad that CD player has retreated to be a mounting point for my phone. Don't use CD anymore since a couple years ago.

Overall, a smooth transaction experience with the seller. Responsive too."

Goh Wai Lim 26/3/14 -

"Just got 2 sets shipped to Singapore. CH, thanks for the great service and follow up! Cheers!"

(raven) 14/3/14 ( -

"This guy's before sales was ok (goods arrived on time)

But after sales service is awesome !!

thanks man . "

Haswan (suri) 30/1/14 ( -

"Another happy customer here. Paid around noon yesterday, received the item 2pm today. Really fast and swift seller, hope to deal again with you soon."

Afif (coD33) 30/1/14 ( -

"Bought both nGroove snap & nGroove for garmin from seller. Item is properly packed and it was delivered on time.

Now my dashboard is no more cluttered with grip go mount and i can mount my ipad mini on to it and it looks like a part of the car! How cool can it be?? Thanks!"

Ming Han (shreaker) 11/1/14 ( -

"Thumbs up for both product and seller Fast response and prompt delivery. Works perfect for phones, and as advertised it's fine for small tablets too. I use it with an ipad Mini, with the plate stuck to the outside of my iPad cover. No negative side effects from the magnet noticed so far."

Hafis (apisfires) 8/1/14 ( -

" review for this car mount. Positive

This item very good, my Lumia 1520 never fall in car during drive on bumpy road..

i use windshield type before, will too dangerous cant see blind spot behind phone and easy for snatch thief to see if you are at traffic light.

i use at my saga FLX, the cd player can still play CD...

most impressive is your phone is like floating on the air, during police roadblock, that uncle policeman need to see 2-3 times how my phone like that since Lumia body so big so cant see car mount..


Screw too tight, what i mean is that hole still virgin lol...

the screw very hard to use since your finger need squeeze abit to screw it blade at CD player"

Alan Thum 30/12/13 ( -

"Received item very prompt and all in good order. Excellent service and responds time. Two thumbs up... way up!"

Sylvia (ryuluvlia) 30/12/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Great product and efficient seller. Not to forget the after sales service. Recommended Seller with AAA class service."

Tan Sow Siang 30/12/13 ( -

"Great products. Fast shipping. Sure will trade again. Thanks."

Zulkipli (cikai66) 14/12/13 ( -


RetoP 9/12/13 ( -

"Excellent service and communication, fast delivery and highly recommendable products."

Muhammad Rushdan 3/12/13 ( -

"Very fast response/delivery!! Tq very much. Will recommend to everyone.."

Henry Pang 26/11/13 ( -

"Good seller and good product. Love it much"

Sing Ming (mingasaurus) 15/11/13 ( -

"Good seller, transaction was processed promptly and items delivered in good time and condition."

Ridhuan Rozairi (hydroxii) 22/10/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Hi there, received the item. Really surprised how strong the magnet is. I am very satisfied with it for now, will give you further feedbacks later. Thank you for the patience reply too, appreciate it "

Jacky Lau (Jacky91) 16/10/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Bought and received the product well. At first, the holder was giving me problem as it clicked on a particular button on my radio and therefore I couldn't operate the entire radio. However, TS suggested me to turn the holder upside down. Problem solved! TS's service is really nice and fast. Recommended!

My car model is Toyota Altis 03'. Radio is stock model."

Nicholas Wong 17/9/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Just got the item just now. Thx. A very fast response guy. Recommended!!"

"Thumbs up for both product and seller Fast response and prompt delivery. Works perfect for phones, and as advertised it's fine for small tablets too. I use it with an ipad Mini, with the plate stuck to the outside of my iPad cover. No negative side effects from the magnet noticed so far."

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Chorng-Jiun 11/9/13 ( -

"Great communication and items arrived quickly after order placed. 2 thumbs up :-)"

Mohd Fadzli (budakdegilz) 8/9/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Hi, After nearly 1 week of using the product.. I'm really impress with the design and quality of the product. Thanks for bringing this amazing product to malaysia."

Go Wen Jing 8/9/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Received my product, thanks for the fast response! "

Taufiq Syed Mohd 29/8/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"I have received my item on Monday and payment was made on Friday. Thanks for the fast deal respond made! Keep up the good work!

Here's 2 photos of my iPhone 4 and Samsung Note mounted on my standard Inspira Clarion radio using Mountek, Im quite impress of the build of the product. Worth the money!"

Afif (Saksoba) 18/8/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Seller are very committed. He responded to my question in timely manner and appropriate.

I've been looking for this type of product for a long time and immediately grab one for my own use.

Product built is very good and solid, not a cheap plastic.

Kay Ming 4/8/13 (Lelong.Com) -

"Great seller! Great product, mountek is perfect! Fast shipping! Highly recommended!"

Daniel (Dan137) 2/8/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"get my Mountek USA Phone holder this afternoon. super fast and efficient seller."

Kimberly Chong 9/7/13 -

"I'm v happy with the fast and prompt response to my questions.

Also quite happy with the item itself. Attaches to the Rio CD player with no problem. It's also sturdy and feels solid...

Sharing with you some pics of the mountek in my Rio (with and without phone). Looks good (like a part of the car heh)."

Amalul (horizon207) 10/6/13 (Lelong.Com) -

"Fantastic seller, product accurately described, super fast delivery, and exemplary customer service. Added to favourites."

thesurveyor 28/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"One word to describe the product, genius!!

Seller is excellent. Replied to my email promptly and email response is detailed, so I didn't have to ask twice =D. Shipping is fast, tracking number is provided upon shipping and got my item in 2 working days. The holder is just awesome...... I have used suction, dashboard mount, vent holder, etc2. But this cd phone holder from Mountek is the BEST.

Built quality is very good, very rigid and no loose parts. Its super easy to attach and the holder can be turned 360 degrees and also can be tilted, perfect! I'm using a Galaxy Note 2 by the way.

Overall, excellent seller and superb product. Highly recommended!"

Hazwan (Camaro) 22/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Since changing to my new phone, I'm really hook up with Waze. I grew up in KL from a litlle kid until grown up now, GPS is not a thing for me but I really up to with reporting/alerting traffic conditions surrounding KL area whenever I'm on my wheel. Thus the interactiveness of Waze has really excite me!

I don't really believe in suction cup especially the one use to hold GPS unit on the screen since I've few shocking experience while riding along with my sister. Her GPS unit fell off few times when the suction cup loose its force from the windscreen. It's kinda terrifying especially when that thing happen while you're driving. BAMM!!! GPS fall from the windshield.

When I wanted to look something to hold my new phone, of course suction cup will be the last thing on my list. So I browse thru the internet and found out Mountek in few directories like LYN, Lelong, Mudah, etc. Of course all of them are being offered by our dear friend here.

Like many others, I am kind of person who will do some research first about the product before proceed with my purchase. After all, the price is RM85 as compared to other phone holder thingy on the market that cost lesser. Yes, as typical Malaysian we like to go for thing with cheaper price as long as it serves the purpose. But hey, since we can afford phone that cost us thousand of dollars why not invest a liltle bit extra money for thing like Mountek?

So I decided to read reviews from Well a lot did give their thumbs up and credits about this Mountek product. Well the only concern that I had precedent with my purchase was, would it effect my player if I were to play cd while I'm driving? Luckily there are few people said no. Therefore, I believe them and proceed with my order.

He is very fast seller. Promptly response to my email and even post my package yesterday morning (Monday). Upon his delivery, he notified me with my tracking number and today afternoon (Tuesday), I have received my Mountek in a very good condition.

Upon receiving my Mountek, I quickly open the package and my first impression was, "Whoa, it feels good. Impressively solid and build up using very quality material!"

The package is pretty simple. White box. Then when you open the box, the Mountek is in plastic wrap and attached together is thank you note from the Mountek's inventor. What the package is lacking of is the manual/instruction. You might say nobody reads the manual anymore nowadays but when you purchase something that is uncommon at least you wanted to know how to use it.

Honestly, I struggled for 5 minutes figuring out how to release the grip lock. Actually there's a realease button on top of the Mountek for us to release the lock. The holder can be rotate 90 degrees. So if you have larger device i.e. GPS you may want to use this feature or perhaps simply you want to turn your phone into a landscape mode, than you may use this rotate function as well.

One thing I love about Mountek, it was design with a simple hole for us to plug in our charger into our phone/device at the bottom of its holder. So that we will not run out of juice, provided we do carry a car charger.

In addition to that, Mountek has 4 separate blades to be inserted into our cd player. Once we have insert the blades, there is this screw that will 'kick' two out of the four blades that will eventually create an opening on the blades so that it will hold tight the Mountek with our device attach on it. For me, this is more as safety measure to ensure both Mountek and our device will not fall off (remember my sister GPS fell off story earlier?) while we are driving hitting bumps and potholes on the roads.

I definitely recommend this product for all of you out there who are still seeking for a phone/GPS holder in the car both for its quality and value for our money. In fact, using this Mountek will not expose our device as commonly happen to suction cup/device holder that is attached to windshield in both circumstances heat as well as violance attempt of criminals.

I am a satisfied cutomers with 5 stars rating on this Mountek product. I'm very happy now that I can continue contributing to the community thru Waze application while I'm on the road with the great assist of Mountek.

Carmount is really a recommended seller! Thanks man."

RS232C 18/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Almost 2 weeks using mountek, and i can say that this is the most sturdy, high quallity, stable in car mobile holder. I initially had a problem with the tilting mechanism, which seems too lose, however its my mistake for not reading the instruction on how to tighten it up as the tilt mechanism can be both loose and tight. Overall, im superbly satisfied compare to other mobile in car holder (dashboard/windscreen sucker type etc), you do need to sacrifice ur cd player tho, but who use cd nowdays."

Viviantlk 16/5/13 ( -

"Good seller. I love the product. Will buy again."

Spamfish 14/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Bro, thanks for the quick and prompt response and delivery. A+ for being a good communicator and willing to share and answer questions. Received the item in good condition. First impression was the mount was solid built with good quality plastic and rubber foam padding. looks very durable...."

Stevenycs 9/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Thanks again bro for the prompt delivery. Second unit bought and received one day from purchase. Highly recommended seller~ Cheers bro ^^"

SubangChai 7/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Received items via postage after payment, very prompt, solid built"

Loke Yeu Hann (Passat) 6/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

" Received my item, nice, solid, and perfectly fitted in."

Low Chong Hung 3/5/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Very well build and solid product."

Kenny Leong Chee Fai 20/4/13 ( -

"Great product and speedy response! Totally satisfied."

Foo Joon Hwa 18/4/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Great stuff, received the product the next day and I can say its one of the more sturdier mounts I have ever used..highly recommended"

faithless187 17/4/13 ( -

"Excellent product and an even better seller. prompt replies and delivery. Couldn't ask for more. Keep up the good work guys."

Nickson Choo Wei Sin 15/3/13 (Lelong.Com) -

"Superbly fast delivery - trusted & will buy again. Thxs"

goldfish8888 20/2/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"hi bro, I received the item today. Its wonderful.

great service and fast delivery, will recommend to other friend. Thanks again and good luck" -

Lim Chun Yian (Cyian) 5/2/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"The material feels good n kinda heavy so doesn't feel cheap. Fast postage too. Thx man!"

Philip Pang (Bioarm) 6/2/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"I received my item already this evening. It really quality item. Recommended seller. Thanks!"

Lenny (GHLen) 6/2/13 (Lowyat.Net) -

"Woow! Worth every ringgit I spend on this.

Superb built with tough plastic and fits well.

Thanks for bringing this. Certainly beats all the other gps or phone holder."

malaysian1 17/2/13 ( -

"Superb fast delivery. The mountek don't look cheap but quality product. Thanks bro. Highly recommended seller."

Klem Pkinfo 7/1/13 ( -

“Bought this for my iPhone 5 to mount in a 2010 MINI Cooper. I never use the CD player and the space below the large speedo is perfect for this mount.”

Pravin K.Balasubramaniam 6/1/13 ( -

“Holds my phone firmly. Using my android phone in my car and it very convenient to use. Almost like having my phone in the car dashboard.”


“Great price! I’ve seen fancier, more “advanced” mounts for much more. Don’t bother. This mount is perfect, and the price is more than reasonable.”